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Sacred geometry patterns

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Geometric tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts who appreciate the intricacy and symbolism of these designs. If you’re considering creating geometric tattoo designs on Procreate, this page will help you explore the different types of designs, their meanings, and the best practices for using Procreate. Read on to discover the fascinating world of geometric tattoos.

Types of Geometric Tattoo Designs

There are various types of geometric tattoos that you can create using Procreate, including mandalas, sacred geometry, minimalistic designs, and blackwork tattoos. Each type has its own unique features and meanings. Mandalas, for instance, are circular designs that represent the universe, while sacred geometry tattoos incorporate geometric shapes that have spiritual significance. Minimalistic designs, on the other hand, use simple lines and shapes to create abstract and often symmetrical patterns. Blackwork tattoos are bold, solid black tattoos that use geometric shapes and patterns to create visually stunning designs.

Symbolism and Meanings of seamless patterns

Geometric tattoos have different meanings depending on the design and the individual’s interpretation. For instance, a triangle tattoo can represent stability, strength, and balance, while a hexagon tattoo can symbolize unity, harmony, and balance. A circle tattoo can represent infinity, completeness, and wholeness, while a square tattoo can signify stability, grounding, and balance. Understanding the meanings behind different geometric tattoos can help you choose the design that resonates with your personality and values, and create stunning geometric designs.

Procreate Best Practices with geometric patterns

When creating geometric tattoo designs on Procreate, there are some best practices to keep in mind. These include using high-quality brushes and textures, experimenting with different color schemes, and utilizing the symmetry tool for creating symmetrical designs. You can also explore different layering techniques to add depth and dimension to your designs. With Procreate, the possibilities for creating unique and personalized geometric tattoo designs are endless.


Geometric tattoos created on Procreate are a fascinating and visually stunning form of digital art that can represent different meanings and values. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or a subtle symbol, creating geometric tattoo designs on Procreate can be a unique and personal expression of your style and personality. Use this page as a guide to explore the different types of geometric tattoos, their meanings, and the best practices for using Procreate to create beautiful designs.