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It can be more challenging to reach certain body areas when getting a tattoo, mainly those that you don’t normally show to others. In this guide, we will inform you on what to wear to a tattoo appointment, starting from the top. We will discuss what attires are suitable for side boob tattoos, butt tattoos, and sternum tattoos.

It is important to note that if you are getting a tattoo where a significant amount of skin is exposed, you should ask for a privacy screen. The artist should provide this and make sure it’s positioned properly.

When getting a tattoo, you experience is just as significant as the finished result. Your comfort and safety during the process is critical for creating a beautiful tattoo that you and the artist will be proud of, so don’t hesitate to express any concern or discomfort you may have.

Best clothes for a shoulder tattoo

When getting a shoulder tattoo, wearing a tank top, particularly one with spaghetti straps, is ideal. A bandeau top, also known as a tube top, is a great alternative, as it has no straps, making it easier for the artist to complete their work. If you are wearing a spaghetti strap top, you can take the strap off if that is more comfortable, or the artist can tape it away.

Chest tattoo

If you are going to get a tattoo on your chest, you may have to wear something you don’t mind getting inked on. It could be a tube top, low cut spaghetti strap or a bralette. In the event that the region being tattooed is rather extensive, your tattoo artist should provide you with pasties or tape to cover your nipples. It is imperative that you be the one to put the pasties on; your artist should not be doing this. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable during this process, make sure to express your feelings. This is a sensitive area and you should be treated with care.

Clothes for a back tattoo

It is highly recommended to wear clothing that has an open back when having a tattoo done on your back. This could be something like a halter top or a button-up shirt that you can flip around so that your arms are in the sleeves, and the back is open. In case this isn’t possible, your tattooer should be able to provide you with pasties or tape to cover your nipples. On the other hand, if you’re having a lower back tattoo or a full backpiece, wearing bottoms with an elastic waistband is the best option. This way, you can stretch it as needed and adjust it in a way that is comfortable for you and convenient for your artist.

Underboob – Sternum tattoo

The artist will require your bust to be in a relaxed state for them to properly set the tattoo stencil and have the design work with your contours. As such, it is best to wear something comfortable and loose-fitting like a baggy crop top. If you wish to cover your nipples, you can use nipple covers. When you are lying down to get the tattoo done, tuck the extra fabric of the shirt underneath you so that it stays in place and covers your body parts.

Hip Tattoo

If you’re planning on getting a tattoo on your hip, wearing a long, flowing skirt or dress is the ideal garment to choose. You’ll want something that you can move around your body to show off the hip but keep more intimate areas covered. Additionally, wearing bikini bottoms with side ties underneath your garment and taping one tie in place is a great option, particularly if the tattoo is positioned high up on the body. This way, the artist will have access to the area while you remain covered.